Sewing Information:

We have received hundreds of emails and messages about sewing and we are so grateful for this. If you want to help us by sewing materials to help protect our healthcare providers, here’s what you can do:

  • Masks (If you don’t have elastic, please use ribbon or sewn ties that are long enough to be tied into a good sized bow at the back of a person’s head as good alternatives.)
  • Scrubs of all sizes – For scrub tops, we suggest just tracing an outline of a scrub top, cutting two pieces and sewing them together, hemming the edges. This would make it easiest to make various sizes. They could ideally put patch pockets on them. There are lots of patterns, but we couldn’t find an easy free pattern. There are also some easy video tutorials if people want to search for it that way.
  • Scrub hats
  • Shoe covers 

We prefer that this is all to be 100% cotton material (quilting weight). Please find ways of getting your own fabric for this.

If you have questions related to sewing, please contact Lily Olvera, our sewing lead via email at


Pattern Links:

link to Mammoth Hospital’s Facebook page